Friday, July 6, 2012

Only in...[toilet] 5 things you might be doing while taking a

hahaha.. this entry can be interesting.. TAKING CRAP!! Taking crap atau buang air besar adalah salah satu dari 7 nikmat hidup sebagai manusia.. eeeeeeeeee.. Stop talking Crap!! but its true what.. the girls use to discribe giving birth is like releasing a huge crap out of their system.. i can immagine that.. hahaha.. it's funny though, every time I take a dump in the public toilet.. there's a lot of thing going on in the neighbouring stalls.. lots of things you can hear.. of course everybody is concentrating on the.. on the... on the.. you know what i meant!! hahaha..

I got the idea to list out TOP 5 THINGS you might be doing while... hahaha.. hihi.. huhu..

at No. 5 : Texing friends or family..

This is the best time for you to reply all those messages that you have been received since morning.. lots of thing can be said.. and toilet is one of the peaceful place to give you ideas to make your essays.. hahaha..

at No. 4 : looking at pics and videos on your mobile phone

Sometimes i heard someone giggles in the toilet.. It coundn't be because of pooping.. no body giggles.. they just SMILESSSS.. hahaha.. my hypothesis was, they either reading the message, or loooking at pictures of their love ones.. Ada ka patut dok usha gambaq laki bini ngan anak2 lam toilet!! hahaha.. (aku tak buat!!)

at No. 3 : Reading magazines or comics

Lots of people use their time wisely.. toilet is the great place to enjoy Shin Chan comic books or fashion magazines.. you can kill sometimes browsing through the pages.. hahaha.. it is handy when the toilet rolls finished!! hahaha

at no 2 : Smoking..

I hate this.. but theres a lot of men especially out there who like to smoke while pooping.. smoke comes in,.. shit comes out!! i totally cannot relate to that!! hahaha.. aku ingat dulu bila orang nak buru arnab. depa perasap lubang arnab tu.. so that arnab keluaq.. this theory might be logic though!! ni untuk mereka yang mempunyai tahi2 yang hidup.. hahaha.. boleh lari.. ngee~ .. hampir pitam..

jeng jeng jeng

at no 1 : You have to answer you mom's call or your super duper queen control girlfriend's call!!

this one you cannot escape.. dammit!! I have to answer this phone call.. why did you call at this time ma..!!.. now the whole people can focus at your conversation.. we can even know the things that he has to buy for them afterwards.. kangkung la, ayam la.. santan la.. hahahaha.. malu beb!! Paling sial bila puak2 business2 man ni kena angkat call client.. main cakap ribu2 je.. kasi aku berak tak aman dok dengaq pasai duit neh.. hahaha..

anyway.. apa yang korang buat?? hahaha.. (aku tanak tau!!)


*pak cik tepi toilet ni dok kentut dari tadi tak berenti2.. sial lah.. no escape route!!


  1. tanjat boboy ingat siapa la mambang tanah yg follow. hihi.. ok! nice article, keep up the good writing! ;D